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The Café Gabbiano Bellini Bar


Bellini (The Original) - Prosecco over fresh peach juice.
Strawberry Bellini - Prosecco over muddled strawberry with one whole strawberry.
Mango Bellini - Prosecco over muddled mango, with one whole mango.
Blue Bellini - Prosecco over muddled blueberry with one whole blueberry.


Raspberry Bellini - Prosecco over muddled raspberry with one whole raspberry.
Black Bellini - Prosecco over muddled blackberry with one whole blackberry.
Bellini Sorbet - Prosecco over peach sorbet.
Bellini Scrobino - Prosecco over lemon sorbet.


Kir Royale - Prosecco over Chambord with one whole raspberry.
Rosecco - Prosecco with cherry juice and one whole cherry.
Sbagliato - Prosecco sweet vermouth and Campari. Serve with a twist of orange zest.


Signature Drinks $10


Espresso Martini - Purity Vodka, Danesi Espresso and Kahlua shaken and chilled served up.
Strawberry Basil Martini - Purity Vodka, fresh strawberries and basil muddled, shaken, chilled served up.


Gabbiano Blue Cheese Martini - Purity Vodka, homemade blue cheese stuffed olives, vermouth shaken and chilled served up.
Gabbiano Cosmo - Purity Vodka, Cranberry, Triple Orange, slice of lime.
Tequila Tini - Sauza Silver Triple Orange, splash of pineapple, splash of cranberry.


Limoncello Martini - Homemade Limoncello liquor, Purity Vodka with a lemon twist.
Chocolate Martini - Purity Vodka, Godiva Chocolate Liquor, Crème De Cocoa shaken chilled served up.
Gulf Breeze - Purity Vodka, pineapple, splash of cranberry with a slice of lime.


The Godfather - Amaretto J&B Scotch served on the rocks.
Negroni - Beefeater sweet vermouth, campari on the rocks with a slice of orange.
Italian Margherita - Sauza Silver, amaretto and lime juice shaken over ice, served up.




Domestic $5
Bud Light
Michelob Ultra
Goose Island IPA
Anchor Steam
O’Douls (NA)

Import $5.25
Peroni (Italy)
Moretti Amber (Italy)
Moretti Lager (Italy)
Guinness (Ireland)
Stella Artois (Belgium)
Stella Artois Cidre (Belgium)


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